Cherry Swirl

The traditional shade of cherry red has been given an extremely stylish update with the pastel pink and wavy nail art.

Just Peachy

Use this shade of nude and the burst of peach to create a more conventional manicure.

Layered Brights

Using overlapping shapes to explore the color wheel is also alluring. Replace the baby blue and hot pink with hues that go better with the season.

Polka Dots

Never before have polka dots been so in. To wear these for a wacky, festive look or for holiday flair, choose your favorite nail color and stack them on.

Neutral Tones

Introducing the new white manicure, which has flowing negative space. This understated style adds effortless flair.

Paint Strokes

This artwork appears to have come straight out of Pinterest's home page. We love the extra drama that the white swirls bring to these vibrant colors.

Beginner s Gui

If choosing a color scheme scares you, go with monochromatic swirls in your characteristic hue. Imagine these in any combination of colors.

Baby Metallics

Your typical neutral look is given a twist with this metallic manicure. For the holidays, dress up these lovely ribbons. Plus, they work all year round.

Checkered Print

We adore every color combination on this French manicure it's nothing like your grandmother's.

Groovy Design

This enormous swirled design will make you feel as though Saturday fever has just arrived at your fingertips. For a little bit of glitz, add a metallic to the mixture.