10 Surprising Things You Need To Clear Out Of Your Closet Now

Old Bags

Free totes, gift bags, and boutique shopping bags clutter your closet. If you haven't used them in ages or can't see using them soon, recycle them.

Sale Items Never Worn

Great sale prices can lead to ill-advised purchases. If you haven't worn the item, donate it and avoid future impulse buys.

Clothing That Doesn’t Fit

Part with clothes that no longer fit or are uncomfortable. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, add it to your donation pile.

Damaged and Old Clothing

Clear out damaged or worn-out clothing like stained shirts or shoes needing repair. Only keep items you will fix soon.

“Special Occasion” Clothing

Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and prom dresses likely won't be worn again. Consider donating them to clear space.

Socks or Gloves Without Partners

Single socks or gloves clutter your drawers. If they’ve been without a partner for over a year, it’s time to toss them.

Out-of-Season Clothing

Store out-of-season clothes elsewhere. Free up closet space by moving winter clothes out during the warmer months.

Unfashionable Clothing

Purge outdated fashion items. Clothing that no longer aligns with your style can be donated to make room for current trends.

Odds and Ends

Closets can become catch-all spaces. Remove old newspapers, books, magazines, and electronics that clutter your wardrobe.

Gift Clothing Never Worn

Unwanted clothing gifts should be donated. Appreciate the gesture, but let someone else benefit from items you’ll never wear.

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