7 Countries You Can Travel Visa-Free To As an American

Philippines, Asia

The Philippines, with approximately 7000 islands, is a great tourist destination. Visa-free 30 days for Americans makes it ideal for holidays. Manila, the capital, has numerous exciting activities. 

Honduras, North America

You can camp here for three months without a visa. This exotic resort is bliss, with shark swimming, scuba diving, and the world's largest flotation tank. The peaceful setting and affordability will please you.

South Africa, Africa

Non-visa holders can remain 90 days. You need two blank passport pages to enter. At Robben Island, a Unesco World Heritage Site, you may explore the astronomical observatory and taste great wine. 

Japan, Asia

Japan is a popular tourist destination, and Americans don't require a visa to visit for 90 days. This country is full with culture and history, whether you wish to relax in Tokyo or Okinawa. Eat their amazing street food, though.

Germany, Europe

Germany's fairy tale cities are a highlight, and Americans may visit visa-free. Enjoy a delicious Bavarian dinner and tour their busy museum areas. Highlights like Neuschwanstein Castle make it ideal for history buffs. 

Mexico, North America

US citizens can spend 180 days visa-free. You may have fun on beautiful beaches with big palm palms. History and art lovers can visit the SferIk art museum. They have delicious spicy meals that will clear your sinuses.

Peru, South America

Machu Picchu, a 15th-century fortress, is a must-see in Peru. Peru provides 90 days of fun for US passport holders. The 20,000-square-kilometer Parque Nacional Manu in the Amazon Basin is a must-see.