7 Errors Men Make When Wearing Jewelry

Not Wearing Jewelry With Confidence

Many men avoid jewelry due to lack of confidence. Overcome this by trying on pieces in stores to get comfortable with your look.

Not Paying Attention to Your Environment

Ensure jewelry fits the occasion. Keep it subtle at funerals and professional at work or interviews. Schools and specific programs may have dress.


Less is more when it comes to jewelry. Each piece should complement your outfit without overpowering it that avoid wearing too many accessories.

Wearing Jewelry Unbalanced

Maintain balance in your accessories. Avoid stacking multiple necklaces or wearing bulky bracelets with small watches, as it can appear unbalanced.

Not Choosing Best Pieces of Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

Consider your skin undertones when selecting metals. Cool tones suit white gold or silver, while warm tones pair well.

Assuming That All Jewelry Is Feminine

Jewelry has historically been worn by men for power and symbolism. Embrace styles that match your personal taste.

Not Wearing Jewelry In Proportion To Your Body

Choose jewelry sizes that complement your physique. Larger frames can carry bigger watches or necklaces, while smaller builds should opt.

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