7 Free & Frugal Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Skin

1. Wash Your Pillowcase Often

Go ahead and add your pillowcases to that weekly mountain of dirty laundry! Keeping your pillows clean is one of the top beauty secrets for a reason.

2. Sleep On Your Back

Even though most of us like to sleep on our sides, squishing your face into your pillow all night won't help you. Sadly, sleeping in this pose over and over again can make wrinkles show up.

3. Reduce Stress

Stress and fear all the time can really hurt your face. (I guess that's why they're called stress lines!) You can help your body deal with the damage that worry can do by doing deep breathing techniques.

4. Wash Your Hands Often

As if you needed another reason, here it is: wash your hands often! It is easier to keep germs and bacteria from getting on your skin if you wash your hands properly and often.

5. Don t Smoke

Smoking damages skin and yellows teeth and nails. Nicotine in cigarettes and e-cigarettes decreases blood capillaries. Smaller capillaries suggest inadequate circulation.

6. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

Don't wait for the water to warm up. Use cool water instead! If you have skin that gets puffy easily, rinsing your face with cool water can help reduce swelling.

7. Wash Your Face Towel After Every Use

To prevent stains, use a clean towel as you would your cushions. If you can afford it, get a pack of towels large enough to use each time you wash your face.