7 Hairstyles With Braids for Black Women to Try

Cornrow braids: This fashionable haircut suits Black women and men with short or long hair. Most braids are thin and close to the skull. As the braids follow your hair parting, cornrows offer several patterns.

Box braids: Box braids are steeped in Black culture and protective, low-maintenance hairstyles. They originated around 3500 B.C. The term comes from the box-shaped root of each three-strand braid. 

Triangle box braids: This significantly modified box braid style still has free-flowing hair, but the hair is sectioned differently. A simple switch from box to triangle makes this classic appear edgier. 

Senegalese twists: Taking a break from everyday style and hot styling products, Senegalese twists are a beautiful way to care for and grow hair.To make these braids, synthetic or human hair is linked to your natural hair root, split into two strands, and coiled along each hair shaft. 

Nubian twists: Nubian twist is another ancient Egyptian style. Installation is similar to the Senegalese twist, but texture and length are different. These twist braids clearly differ from the Senegalese one in tight coils. 

Micro braids: From all the Black women's braids, this one may not look like a braid. Micro braids always use very small hair portions, unlike cornrows and box braids. Plaits feel and appear like thick hair rather than interlaced braids. 

Fulani braids: This style has one straight-back braid and others that run in opposing directions across your crown, commonly toward your ears or temples. Its complexity and beauty make it a popular Black women's braid.