7 Least Welcoming Cities in the US

Detroit, Michigan: Detroit has struggled with economic decline, high crime rates, and urban blight, which can contribute to a perception of unwelcomeness.

Gary, Indiana: Gary faces similar challenges to Detroit, including poverty, crime, and a declining population, which may make visitors feel unwelcome.

Camden, New Jersey: Camden has one of the highest crime rates in the country and struggles with poverty and urban decay, which can create an unwelcoming environment for visitors.

Oakland, California: Oakland has a reputation for crime and violence, particularly in certain neighborhoods, which may deter visitors from feeling safe and welcome.

Flint, Michigan: Flint gained national attention due to its water crisis and ongoing economic struggles, which can contribute to a perception of unwelcomeness.

St. Louis, Missouri: St. Louis has high crime rates and racial segregation, which can create a sense of unease for visitors, particularly in certain areas of the city.

Memphis, Tennessee: Memphis struggles with poverty, crime, and racial tensions, which can affect the overall perception of the city's welcoming atmosphere.