8 Foods You Should Never Feed to Birds


It is a common question to know if bread is harmful to birds or if they may eat it. Bread makes birds feel full more quickly, so fliers may forgo items that are actually good for them.

Raw Meat

While serving raw meat as a winter treat might seem like a wonderful idea, it can get rancid and deteriorate, drawing in undesirable guests. John claims that because raw meat isn't kept in a refrigerator, it begins to change as soon as it is left out.

Seeds and Nuts Sold for People

Legumes and sunflower seeds intended for human consumption frequently include high salt content. Birdseed is made without added sodium because it is intended exclusively for birds.

Bacon Fat

Bacon fat comprises chemicals, is highly salted, and degrades quickly. Get premium fat directly from the butcher, before it's processed, to make suet.

Potato Chips

Similar to how birds consume bread, this popular snack is frequently a mainstay at outdoor events, but it doesn't offer enough nourishment. Save these salty treats for your next picnic guests.


Honey may grow mold in addition to being bothersome and sticky, which is something you might assume birds might utilize because of the calories and sugar it contains.

Red Food Coloring

You do not need to add any food coloring to the sugar water that you are using for your hummingbirds. This dye is hazardous to birds and will not attract any more of them.

Old Birdseed

In order to prevent your backyard companions from being exposed to rancid or moldy food, you should serve them fresh seed. Figure out how to clean the bird feeders you have.