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8 Garden Trends We're Saying Goodbye to in 2024

Non-Permeable Hardscaping: There's a better technique to collect water during precipitation events, even if rain gardens and water barrel capture systems have luckily become the new standard in backyard landscaping.

Swath-Planting: Swath-planting is a landscaping technique where a single planting bed is filled with several of the same species of plant for visual effect. In farming, this practice is referred to as monoculture.

Non-Native Trees: We genuinely adore olive trees! However, the ORCA designers would like to encourage us to think about native trees before we incorporate another Mediterranean shrub into our landscape designs.

Fake Turf. Period: If there's one thing we want to ask all of the house flippers out there, it would be to quit using artificial turf as a selling point.

Dominating Play Structures: The Lu-La Design Studio team would want to see less ostentatious, plastic constructions placed as a single piece of equipment in the middle of the landscape.

Plastic Edging: Plastic edging is not only frequently installed incorrectly since it cannot unroll as neatly or straightly as other materials, but it can also slip and unearth itself, leading to weed crossing and unkempt borders.

Front Yard Raised Beds: We recognize that space is often limited for gardening, and we would much rather plant food in front yards rather than have a needless lawn.

Colored Mulch: While mulch is known for its magical properties to all gardeners, Nectar Landscape wants to see the vivid red mulch dyed disappear by 2024.