8 Great Homemade Plant Fertilizers That Actually Work


To make your own compost at home, all you need is some organic material, such as yard trash, food scraps or leaves.

Coffee Grounds

Don't throw away those coffee grounds just yet if you like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning; they may be used to produce another fantastic DIY plant fertiliser!

Grass Clippings

Remember not to throw away the grass cuttings after you've mowed the lawn! They make a great, high-nitrogen fertiliser.


While chicken dung is a powerful source of nitrogen, cow and horse manure is rich in potassium and nitrogen.

Banana Peels

A cheap and simple technique to enrich your soil with nutrients is to add banana peels. They are not a full fertiliser, but they are a good source of potassium, which is vital for plant health.

Aquarium Water

Use the next time you change the water in your fish aquarium to fertilise your houseplants!


Save those eggshells for a homemade fertiliser for plants that is high in calcium! This excellent calcium source aids in the development of robust cell walls in plants.

Vegetable Cooking Water

Save the water you need to prepare veggies to make an incredibly sustainable DIY plant fertiliser.