8 Moves to Add to Your Partnered Workout Routine

Delt Fly

Place your Resistance Bands across from one another and loop them to form an X. Alternately raise one arm while lowering the other, moving in the opposite direction of your partner.

Squat Row

Once more, take a position across from your partner, link your bands together, and then step backwards while holding the grips in front of you and extending your arms fully until the band stretches taut.

Russian Twist

Place your legs a few inches above the floor, cross your ankles, and take a seat next to your spouse. The Xerball is grabbed by partner one on the side opposite their partner, moved across their body, and thrown to partner two.

Crunch Toss

While partner two remains standing approximately one foot away, partner one lies down on the ground in a crunch-like position. Partner one receives the medical ball thrown down by partner two, and while holding onto the ball and lowering it behind their head, they drop their back to the ground.

Plank Taps

Place your mats down one after the other and your companion. Face-to-face, both couples prostrate themselves in a plank stance. Lift your opposing hands at the same time as you tap each other, alternating your weight.

Tricep Dips

With risers in place, raise The Step to a height of about two feet above the floor. Then, have each partner position their hands, fingers facing back, on opposite sides of The Step.

Alternate Arm Waves

While partner one stands on one end of the rope to provide stability, fold the rope in half. The second partner then takes both ends of the rope in each hand and raises one arm at a time, then the other, to imitate a wave.

Leap Squat 

While partner two grips the rear of the band with both bands, partner one enters the Superband and raises it to their waist. The first partner then roughly springs forward.