8 Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Yard

Globe Lights

Globe lights add a magical glow to gardens, especially in gravel or xeriscape settings. Place them along garden tiers or behind plants for a stunning effect.

Retaining Wall Lights

Illuminate retaining walls with puck lights to prevent erosion and highlight multi-tiered gardens. Evenly spaced LED lights enhance safety and showcase plants.

String Lights for Trees

Wrap string lights around tree trunks and branches to outline their shape and cast a warm glow on your garden. Solar-powered lights avoid the need for electrical outlets.

Landscape Lighting

Enhance a contemporary garden with warm lighting around stone walls and plant-lined walkways for a welcoming entrance.

Backyard Lighting

Frame your sunken backyard with a softly lit retaining wall planted with greenery to extend garden use into the evening.

Lantern Lighting

Install lanterns along hedges or behind bushes for soft, classic garden lighting. Choose solar or battery-operated candle lanterns for an elegant touch.

String Lights

Combine string lights, hurricane lanterns, and a fire pit for a cozy backyard gathering space.

Arborvitae Illumination

Use upward spotlights to illuminate arborvitae trees, creating an attractive, glowing privacy fence that outlines your property at night.