8 Unique Castle Hotels in Europe To Stay Once in Your Lifetime

If living in a Bavarian castle is what your dreams are made of, this high pile should do. The restaurant offers fresh, modern food made with products from the area. The building has been a hotel since 1953.

Hotel Burg Wernberg, Germany

One of the newer castle hotels on this list is Chateau Gütsch in Switzerland. It was built in the 1800s. It's on top of a hill with a view of Lucerne, so you can see the whole ancient and lovely city.

Château Gütsch, Switzerland

There is evidence that the Guinness Brewing family previously considered Ashford Castle their home. The castle's history dates back to the year 1228. Not only do you get to stay in a castle, but you also get to enjoy breathtaking views of Lough Corrib.

Ashford Castle, Republic of Ireland

Stay at Chateau Zbiroh to see the largest privately owned castle in the Czech Republic. From the top of the hill, you have a great view of the surrounding area.

Chateau Zbiroh, Czech Republic

The Polish Karpniki Castle was built in the 1400s and has been home to many important people, including counts, dukes, and kings. It has also been the home of several famous people.

Karpniki Castle, Poland

The Chateau de Bagnols is in a beautiful spot among the vines of Beaujolais. The five-star hotel has been around for more than 800 years. This one has a moat and drawbridge, shot holes in the walls, and a lot of different themed rooms.

Château de Bagnols, France

The Oscarsborg Hotel is now located in the former Oscarsborg Fortress. The area is both dramatic and beautiful. The castle is on Oscarsborg island in Oslo Fjord, which is only 30 minutes by boat from the city.

Oscarsborg Fortress, Norway

You can stay at Glenapp Castle in Ayrshire, which is in the southwest of Scotland. The drive-in door is very dramatic, and the honey-colored building is full of towers. You can look around over 35 acres of fields and woods.

Glenapp Castle, Scotland