9 American Things That the Japanese Can t Get Enough Of

Cheesecake is Japan's third most popular Western dessert, and thick, baked American-style cheesecakes are especially popular.


The rise of specialized coffee culture in Japan has undermined its longtime love of tea, according to Digital Marketing for Asia.


American denim is popular in Japan due to its quality and durability. Blue jeans are a wardrobe staple.

Blue Jeans

Baseball, one of America's most beloved and iconic sports, has been embraced in Japan since the late 19th century.


Many Japanese are switching from yakitori to American BBQ for its slow-cooked, smoky flavors and ample quantities.

American-Style BBQ

No one does Halloween like America, but Japan has noticed the outrageous costumes, ghastly home decor, and traditional trick-or-treating.

Halloween Costumes

After opening in 1983, many Japanese consider Disney Tokyo the happiest place on earth. Over 17 million people visited Asia's most popular theme park in 2019.


Samsung and other Japanese smartphone manufacturers are outstanding, but Apple's iPhones are always among the best-selling in Japan.

Apple Products

Japanese makeup is usually limited in hue and kind, so beauty consumers appreciate American manufacturers' large range of goods for all skin tones and color preferences.