9 Best Small Living Room Chairs That Make a Big Impact

Chesterfield chairs, like its couch siblings, have tufted upholstery, curled arms, and nailhead detailing. These chairs add sophistication and masculinity to any room

Chesterfield Chair

The wings provide the sitter a secluded space for reading or blocking out the world. They're not perfect for discussion or gatherings, however.

Wingback Chair

A chaise lounge is an extended chair for lounging with feet raised. The back of a chaise lounge is commonly reclined, placing the person half-lying-down.

Chaise Lounge

Large, circular club chairs, usually leather, were invented in social clubs to improve comfort. Round corners and arms make club chairs comfortable.

Club Chair

Slipper chairs are small, armless chairs that sit low. This makes them great for putting on shoes or slippers, thus the name. Their tiny size makes them ideal.

Slipper Chair

When reclining, a footrest protrudes from the front of the chair and tucks away when standing. Electric or manual recliners are offered.

Recliner Chair

Rocking chairs enable users to rock while sitting on a softly curved base. Rocking chairs come in several styles, from completely upholstered ones

Rocking Chair

A chair-and-a-half is a chair that is somewhat bigger than a single seat but smaller than a loveseat. A chair-and-a-half is ideal for compact situations


Barrel chairs are one continuous component with curved backs to form the arms. The barrel-shaped chair gets its name from its distinctive form.

Barrel Chair