9 Home Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer, According To Designers

Botanical Prints and Caning

Botanical prints and caning are popular during summer, with botanical wallpapers and rattan accessories adding seasonal charm.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The trend of blending indoor and outdoor spaces is rising, using large windows, sliding doors, and lightweight fabrics for seamless transitions.

Personal Outdoor Areas

Outdoor spaces are becoming extensions of indoor decor, personalized with items like a chair and table for relaxation or a large lounge area for summer evenings.

Playful Patterns

Vibrant geometric shapes and whimsical floral prints are trending, adding a cheerful and energetic vibe to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Raw Materials

Incorporating raw materials like wood adds texture and character to interiors, seamlessly connecting indoor comfort with outdoor beauty.

Biophilic Design

The trend of biophilic design integrates natural elements like indoor plants and organic textures, bringing a breath of fresh air into homes.

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury focuses on timeless, high-quality elements and materials, emphasizing a 'less is more' approach with meaningful personal investments.

Brighter, More Saturated Colors

Bold, vibrant colors are becoming popular, inspired by natural settings near water, bringing energy and unexpected allure to interiors.

Game Tables

There is an increasing demand for game tables, multifunctional pieces that create additional seating zones and make underutilized rooms more functional.