9 Modern Living Room Ideas You'll Want to Steal Right Away

Inspiration From Furniture

Create a whimsical indoor space by incorporating elements of outdoor furniture. Simulate a swinging couch by attaching a rope from the arm to the ceiling, as seen in a Nantucket home.

Embrace Multiple Patterns

Mixing bold patterns can create a vibrant and unique living space. In a Los Angeles bungalow, combining fruit wallpaper with a vintage geometric-print rug showcases how balanced patterns 

Choose Pastel Paint

A pastel paint job can introduce color without overwhelming the space. In a living room with lavender walls, the color helps balance the bold colors of books, creating a harmonious look.

Stick to a Color Palette

Defining a color palette can help establish your room's aesthetic. A sitting room using jewel tones combines traditional and eclectic elements for a cohesive design.

Show Off Special Interests

Incorporate decor that reflects your personal interests. A Florida den features woven animal heads made of straw, adding a personal touch for a family with equestrian interests.

Hide the Ugly Bits

Conceal less aesthetically pleasing elements creatively. Covering a radiator with a custom window seat enhances both functionality and appearance, as demonstrated in the 2023 Whole Home project.

Decorate for Sensitivity

Use calming colors, soft lights, pleasant textiles, and soothing scents to create a comfortable environment, especially for those with sensory sensitivities. 

Inspiration From History

Remake your living room in your favorite historical style. Drawing inspiration from Downton Abbey, historical elements can be integrated into a modern setting, as seen in the 2024 Whole Home.

Take a Modern Approach

Combine modern furnishings like curved couches, statement accent chairs, and oversized mirrors to update a traditional space. A San Francisco townhouse was updated with modern pieces to complement