9 Ways to Keep Your Flat-Ironed Hair Straight

To avoid frizzing and curling, tap the perspiration off your scalp, forehead, and neck before going to the gym or running.

Less Sweat Means Longer Wear

Different hair textures require different flat irons. See which works best for you by researching. This step is crucial for straightening lengthy 4c hair.

Use The Appropriate Flat Iron

This is one of the greatest strategies to maintain your hairdo. It won't straighten your hair, but it will improve its texture and behave better thereafter.

Deep Conditioning

Due to fewer frizz and knots in the morning, these pillowcases will prolong hair straightening. Chemically treated hair breaks badly, but they can avoid that.

Satin Pillowcases

They help when sleeping or entering humid places like the bathroom. If you protect your hair from dampness, you can bathe in this attractive haircut.


One of the best innovations in history, the hair straightening brush can be used for straightening or touch-ups and is especially effective for 4c hair.

Straightening Brush

Most people heat their hair to the maximum setting, which can dry, damage, and frizz. Adjust the flat iron temperature for your hair using the handbook.

Use The Correct Heat

Beginning at the roots, straighten. A lasting style starts with sleek and straightened roots, yet many women overlook this section after burns.

Don t Forget The Roots

Our haircut crumbles first at the ends. Take special care to straighten and tame them before applying cosmetics.

Seal The Ends