9 Powerful High-Fiber Fruits for Gut and Heart Health

Reduced Mortality Risk

Following a Mediterranean diet lowers all-cause mortality by 29%, as shown in a study by La Universidad Autónoma.

Global Study Insights

The health benefits are not limited to Mediterranean regions, highlighting its universal applicability.

Healthy Diet Focus:

Emphasizes plant-based foods, while limiting salts and sugars, contributing to overall health.

Comprehensive Lifestyle

Includes regular exercise, adequate rest, and social engagement, crucial for longevity.

Research Scope

Data from 110,799 UK adults over nine years revealed significant health improvements.

Positive Health Outcomes

Higher MEDLIFE scores correlate with lower mortality rates, including cancer and cardiovascular risks.

Cultural Adaptability

Shows potential for adoption in non-Mediterranean populations using local resources.

Mediterranean lifestyle lowers risk of death by nearly 30 percent