The 7 Best Essie Nail Colors For Spring 2024

Essie Fiji

For the season of spring, this timeless Essie hue is without a doubt wonderful. This is not a see-through baby pink like Ballet Slippers; rather, it is a balanced pastel baby pink.

Essie First Kiss Bliss

When it comes to a minty, frosty blue, there is no season that seems more suitable than springtime. Absolutely nothing. Every skin tone looks great with it.

Essie All Oar Nothing

At first look, this hue of apricot seems to be a daring entrance into the season of spring. On the other hand, you will be pleasantly pleased by the fact that it applies virtually exactly like a tanned neutral shades.

Essie Expressie Skip the Track

In the spring, pastels and neutrals are popular, and this nail color, which is just on the edge of lavender and gray, is the best of both worlds.

Essie Geranium

It is now appropriate to wear tones of red, orange, and coral during the springtime, and it also serves as a reminder that summers is just around the corner.

Essie Bikini So Teeny

A pretty periwinkle blue color makes people think of spring. Put this on your nails if you need a way to get excited about the cooler weather.

Essie Expressie Buns Up

A basic neutral like pink-nude is always a good choice, but this creamy, thick beige color is a nice change and looks great on many skin tones. It dries quickly, which is an even better.