The 7 Best Summer Haircuts for Men In 2024

1. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a timeless haircut with short sides and back and longer top. A crew cut is typical of a short back and sides request.

2. Shag

The shag has several layers and is popular with curly or wavy hair and wavy men's hairstyles. Top and sides are feathered, and the hair thins or fringes at the ends.

3. Buzz Cut

It s hard not to think military when talking about buzz cuts, but this remains a classic haircut for men.

4. Pompadour

Named after the famous (or infamous) Madame de Pompadour who first wore the style, this cut sweeps the hair back and off the face and adds height and body to the hair.

5. Butch Cut

You might not be able to tell the difference between this short haircut and a buzz cut unless you have a good eye. The hair on top of the head is all the same length in a butch cut.

6. Undercut

Buzzing the sides and back with clippers creates this traditional men's hairstyle. To avoid a disconnected cut, don't shave too high.

7. Quiff With Side Part

This style can be worn in any season and can be cut and styled in a lot of different ways. The top quiff is pushed up and back, and it looks like an old-school Hollywood star.