The 9 Best Way to Part Your Hair for Your Face Shape

Visually elongate your face with curtain bangs, parted in the center and angling down toward your jawline. 

Best Hairstyle for Round Faces

Avoid too many layers with a middle part as it adds volume. Opt for a straight middle part on dry days and a deep side part on humid days for a stylized look.

Best Part for Round Faces with Textured Hair

A slightly off-center part or deep part can flatter your features. Experiment with architectural styles like slick ponytails or blunt bangs to highlight your face.

Best Part for Oval Faces

A side part softens harsh features and adds balance. Avoid center parts, which accentuate pointy chins.

Best Part for Heart-Shaped Faces

For natural or Afro-textured hair, try a no-part pixie for easy maintenance. Lift hair at the root for a hidden part, emphasizing high cheekbones.

Best Part for Heart-Shaped Faces 

Soft, wispy hair around the face softens a strong jawline. Opt for a deep or slight side part to create a soft face frame.

Best Part for Square Faces

Create movement with a side-swept part or diagonal/zigzag part to draw the eye across the face. Avoid middle parts, which elongate the forehead.

Best Part for Oblong Faces

A strong, straight middle part at the crown complements long faces. Pair with bangs or a full fringe to center and frame the face.

Best Part for Rectangular Faces

Opt for hairstyles that showcase texture and features, like Tyra's no-part look. Avoid center parts that can accentuate a sharp chin.

Best Part for Inverted Triangle Faces