Top 7 Healthiest Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat

Cooked, Unseasoned Chicken, Turkey, or Beef

This minimizes choking danger. "Even cooked bones are risky," warns Sploot Medical Director Dr. Sylvia Berns. Splintering in the dog's GI tract can cause perforations.

Cooked, Unseasoned Fish

Healthy dog treats include cooked, unseasoned salmon. Fish provides dogs with protein and omega-3s. Fish should be boneless like chicken and beef treats for dogs. Dogs choke on fish bones.

Cooked, Unseasoned Eggs

This list of nutritious dog food includes eggs since they include protein, vitamin D, selenium, and riboflavin.

Cooked Pumpkin

Healthy dog snack: cooked and diced pumpkin. Its fiber and beta-carotene content aid digestion and coat health. Dogs that are overweight or prone to weight gain should eat pumpkin because it is low in calories and fat.

Cooked Green Beans

Treat your dog some green beans if they enjoy them. Your dog's health can benefit from cooked green beans' fiber, vitamin C, and other nutrients. Calories and fat are low in green beans.

Cooked Carrots

This list of the healthiest dog chow includes the tasty and healthy carrot. Delicious cooked and diced carrots are dog-friendly. Beta-carotene, vitamin A, and fiber are abundant in cooked carrots.

Cooked Spinach

Fiber, vitamins A, K, C, and potassium are abundant in cooked spinach. Spinach is healthy for humans, dogs, and cats due to its high nutritional value. Unlike the other vegetables on this list of nutritious dog food.