Woman Vintage Hairstyles and How To Achieve Them

1. Multiple Blonde Buns

Go blonde and have some fun with big, chunky buns placed all over. Roll hair into a side bundle in the front for vintage bangs, or dress up your vintage updo with bandanas or scarves for a day out.

2. Curly and Romantic

Curls that are long and pretty are always in style. To get a retro look, part your hair in half and use bobby pins to hold one half in place. There is no time when curly hair doesn't look beautiful. It can be light or dark, curled or rolled.

3. Shoulder Length Retro

This 1940s inspired look is made beautiful thanks to the solid dark colored hair combined with bright red lipstick. True to the era, vintage hairdos were often paired with dark makeup and fair skin.

4. Curly Girl

Change your hair color to golden blonde and sweep it to the side to get Marilyn Monroe curls. If you want this classic look, either sleep with your hair in pin curls or cut it short and use standard rollers.

5. Pin Curled Beauty

Pin curls are an important part of vintage hairstyles that make them look more real. This style is easier to do than it looks, and a flower or fancy clip can make it look even better.

6. Soft Updo with a Floral Hair Piece

Want something that looks good from the front and the back? This pretty bun is just what you need. Around the edges, it tucks the hair away from the face, giving you a nice height above the forehead.

7. Beehive with a Hairband

Most vintage haircuts are all about adding volume or smoothing out hair, using clips or headbands. Her style is influenced by the 1960s, but it has a modern feel thanks to the laid-back vibe.